Victa srl was founded in the late 80’s and it is located in Tuscany, in Gallicano (Lucca). The company is specialized in transforming flat glass into curved objects.
In its ovens, Victa gives shape to simple glass sheets by converting them into real masterpieces: items with diverse forms, at times complex, at times minimalistic.
Over the years, Victa has constantly improved its quality standards & design skills becoming a high-profile subcontractor and a reliable partner for the most important Italian furniture producers.
The continuous improvement of the employed technologies has enabled Victa to become a leader in its field and to start cooperation with the major European interior design corporations.
Today Victa has a production area of 5.000 square meters and its products are a symbol of the ‘Made in Italy’ excellence: craftsmanship in conjunction with the most modern technologies enable perfection to come to life.
At Victa we give shape to ideas and, sometimes, to dreams.


Our mission is to combine the most refined design with the highest quality standards, experience with innovation, and aesthetic pleasure with functionality.
Glass is a perfect material to decorate the places we live in: elegant and charming, infinitely customizable and timeless. Victa puts together these unique features and turns ideas into tangible objects.
Victa uses glass not only because of its beauty but also because it is an ecological raw material. Compared to other materials, glass has a low environmental impact and this feature makes it particularly suitable for present and future furnishings.

  1. Italian Quality
  2. Support during the project phase
  3. Flexible manufacturing system

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